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Commercial AC Repair

Commercial AC Repair involves an additional layer of complexity to the job and requires a service technician with more than just entry-level experience. Commercial heating and cooling products are significantly bigger and handle more substantial heating and cooling loads than residential systems. This additional wear and tear puts a strain on these systems, and we’re able to diagnose problems and recommend appropriate solutions.

Commercial systems also typically have more advanced options including multi-zone options. It depends on the unique situation needed for your business and supporting operations.

Commercial AC and Furnace Maintenance

Quite often when you lease commercial space, the tenant is responsible for having a maintenance contract in place and have the unit serviced at least twice each year.  Douglass Heat and Air has many clients in such a program, and we’re happy to help!

We can provide you with written confirmation of the maintenance agreement, and we’ll provide you a copy of our report after each seasonal inspection.  Should a major equipment update be required, this may fall back on the building owner to pay for, but it depends on the terms of your lease.

After we conduct our maintenance checklist in the spring and fall, we’ll review our findings with you, and contact the building owner as necessary to make sure that you, your staff and your customers remain comfortable in your space.

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    Payment Options

    Commercial Air Conditioning and Heating Replacement

    Sometimes, a system is beyond the point of being repaired, and it’s appropriate to recommend replacement of a unit.  We always review our findings with you, discuss how old a system is, how well it’s currently performing and how long you can expect it to perform.

    The good news is that equipment is constantly improving.  As people replace systems at the 10-year or 15-year mark in service, they will notice a huge difference in efficiency.  This means a lower utility bill, and more comfortable working environment for you and your staff.

    Commercial AC Warranty

    Commercial Parts Replacements

    1-year mfg limited warranty on parts, and 1 year on labor for Douglass Heat and Air.

    Commercial Installation of Equipment

    1-year mfg limited parts warranty

    1-year labor – Douglass Heat and Air

    Commercial mfg limited warranty on the compressor – 1 to 5 years (Depending upon equipment manufacturer.)